How do I register/apply for Creare online?

Simply click here for an online registration, call us on +2751 522 4636 or send an email to We will register you and send your login details to your email.

How do I enroll for a course?

To enroll for a course, you can E.F.T the full course price to Creare via the following bank details:

  • Account Name : Creare School International Ministries
  • Bank: ABSA
  • Cheque Account : 470147024
  • Branch : 632005
  • Reference: Your Name and Surname: Course Name
After that, please send proof of payment to with the course name and your email address. After the approval we will send you an email confirming the approval
The course will also be added to your account on this website.

How would I view my courses?

After your course approval, the course will be added in the "my courses tab" which only appears after a successful login.

Control of access?

The links for courses you enroll for will be sent to your personal email and therefore you have control of the access.

If there are any concerns, our office is ready to take your call

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