Vocals 1

Vocals 1

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Vocals 1

Course Description

Vocal Training for people who are of 13 years of age and upThrough this subject, the student will learn and develop basic understanding of vocal principles. They will also learn how to improve basic speech principles and will be trained how to sing on pitch. Our voice is an instrument to worship and honor God, so the student will also develop the confidence to lead worship in a small group environment and become a strong vocal support in the worship team.


What is your IDENTITY?
David was a worshiper who sang for an Audience of One
Understanding important concepts:
Pitch, Flexibility, Range, Articulation, Placement, Tempo, Projection
Tongue Trill, Vowels AEIOU, Application of vowels in songs
This video includes more Technique Exercises:
No no no, The Major Scale, Bella Senora, Great and Mighty, Octave Jump Exercise
What is your COMMISSION? Don't allow your passion and your dream to fade. Keep on going. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.
An introduction to the concept of SONG STUDY:
We will learn
- How to Indicate Phrases & Breaths
- About Scooping and how to avoid it
- Dynamics (Variations in Volume for this level)
- How to Articulate Consonants
- How to approach Vowels
Budgeting your air and increasing your capacity to sustain notes for longer
Pitch awareness through singing in turns
Expression through dramatisation
Exercises to improve the overall quality of how we sing songs:
- Lip and Tongue trills as a technique of warming up for songs
- Staccato as a technique for more precision and attack (learning to overcome scooping)
- Using vowels sounds as a legato basis as a song foundation
Explanation of keys
Syllabus songs
What is your DESTINY?
You are an instrument in the hand of a loving Father